Oil Atomizers
Oil Atomizers
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Types and Uses of Oil Atomizers

What is an atomizer? An atomizer is a device or an apparatus that translates a stream of liquid into a fine spray. There are different types of atomizer for different uses. There are those that are used in heavy duty industries such as the fuel oil atomizer or the medical industry such as the inhalers to dispense medication. Of course, there are also atomizers that are used in daily life such as perfume atomizers, squirt bottles, cooking sprays and the like. The main purpose of these atomizers is to emit a controlled fine mist converted from a liquid source.

Heavy duty industries like maritime, power generation, chemical processing and manufacturing industries use oil atomizers in industrial boilers and the like.
Fuel oil atomizers, for example, are those used in burners, industrial burners or in diesel engines. They are used, in conjunction with other devices to control the emission of fuel to create controlled combustion. There are five main kinds of fuel-oil atomizers - the external mix steam, internal mix steam, low pressure air, pressure jet, and rotary cup. In an external mix steam atomizer (also called steam-assisted pressure jet atomizer), blast atomization is used at low outputs and pressure-jet atomization is used at high outputs. An internal mix steam atomizer uses a burner lance where steam is supplied through the center tube and the fuel is supplied through the outer tube. A turbine plant is an example of an application of this type of fuel oil atomizer. A rotary cup atomizer, as the name implies, uses an electric motor and a heavy duty drive belt. Low pressure atomizers are similar to the rotary cup atomizer except that it uses the primary airflow to rotate the fuel. Pressure jet atomizers, on the other hand, use supply pressure energy to convert the fuel into a fine spray.

Atomizers are also used for simpler (and infinitely more relaxing) purposes. If you frequent the spa or a wellness center, you have undoubtedly experienced aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the art of healing, relaxing and energizing a person using plants. Although this type of healing has been present for ages, it has only gained popularity in recent decades as a result of moves to go back-to-nature and thus came the birth of the word "aromatherapy". The basis for aromatherapy is the use of essential oils which are pure essences of plants. The oils are extracted from the plant using alcohol extraction, or steam distillation. These oils can either be massaged or added to bath water. It can also be sprayed into the air or inhaled. This is where the oil atomizers come into play. There is what aromatherapists' call an essential oil atomizer or nebulizer - it diffuses the oils into very fine molecules into the air. It uses a small pump to do this.
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